Judge Broke The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Rules to make this 90-Year-Old’s Dreams Come True

The America’s Got Talent judges each have one opportunity per season to push the Golden Buzzer and send an act straight into the live shows. Prior to Tuesday night’s batch of auditions, all four Golden Buzzers had been pushed.
That didn’t stop host Nick Cannon from bending the rules to help a 90-year-old woman named Dorothy Williams become a star.
“When I get on that stage,” Dorothy said before her audition, “I want to prove that you’re never too old to follow your dreams.”
She told the judges she was going to dance for them, but they weren’t expecting quite the type of dancing she had in store. After swinging her hips and singing a bit of “Let Me Entertain You,” Dorothy began a dance that left mouths agape throughout the auditorium.
Before they could make a final decision, however, Nick stepped out on stage to explain to Dorothy that all four Golden Buzzers had been pushed. “But you know what?” he said. “I don’t care! I’ma break the rules!”

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