Excited Guy Drops Engagement Ring During TV Proposal. Crowd Ignores The Game to Help Him Find It

Baseball fans Andrew Fox and Heather Terwilliger were at a Red Sox-Yankees game last night.
The 29-year-old had everything he needed to make one of life’s biggest decisions on Tuesday night: the engagement ring, the perfect woman and a beautiful early autumn night at Yankee Stadium, which focused a camera on the couple and broadcast the big moment on the center field video board.
Terwillinger looked surprised and excited, until Fox — probably out of nervousness — dropped the engagement ring into the bleachers.
Anyone who knows how scary it is to propose, and how long it takes to save up for a special ring, knows how mortifying this situation is. They searched for five minutes.
Then finally, Fox found the ring nestled in his jacket on the seat. Thank goodness. Fox proposed again, and Terwillinger said yes. The entire crowd roared with excitement.

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