Pregnant Woman Poses by Tiger for Selfie and then he Notices her “Bump”

This expecting mother got more than she bargained for during a trip to the zoo! Immediately after walking into an exhibit, a massive bengal tiger approached Natasha Handshoe and started doing something strange! Instead of ignoring Natasha, like it does to many of the people who visit the zoo, this tiger took notice of the child growing in her stomach!
Shocked, Natasha turned to her friends and said, “I don’t know whether to laugh or pee my pants!” The tiger kept pawing at the glass and rubbing its head near her belly! Clearly, it knew that Natasha was pregnant and wanted to show the unborn child some live! According to Babycenter, animals have a keen sense when it comes to human pregnancy.
Since tigers are technically big cats, it’s understandable that this one would be able to recognize a pregnant woman and try to cozy up to her!

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