Celtic Woman was Singing Beloved Classic when Kids Join In. Everyone’s Eyes Fill with Tears

Covering any Simon & Garfunkel song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is hard for even the most talented of musicians and trying to put your own spin on it is something that scares away everyone, except for Celtic Woman.
The four-lady music group sat down in front of an excited audience and belted their hearts out for the world to hear.
No one could’ve guessed that classic Celtic music with a modern flare would be something so many people would love!
Sitting alongside a children’s choir and a full orchestra, the women gather together to sing the famous Simon & Garfunkel song! Their voices blend perfectly and the children are the ideal complement to the women’s powerful sound.
It’s not everyday that you hear a new twist on an old favorite – and the ladies of Celtic Woman hit the nail on the head.

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