Korean Engineers Design Rolling Barriers to Minimize the Impact of Road Accidents

Every year, approximately 1.25 million people die as a result of a road traffic crash. To prevent vehicles from driving off the road, strong metal bars, commonly referred to as guardrails, run along a road’s edge.

According to Federal Highway Administration, the guardrail can operate to deflect a vehicle back to the roadway, slow the vehicle down to a complete stop, or let it proceed past the guardrail. But the guardrails cannot completely protect against the situations drivers may find themselves in. The size and speed of the vehicle can affect guardrail performance.
The danger that treats at the roads is constant and no one can be sure that is safe while driving. Accidents do happen and we are not safe even we drive respecting the rules and by minimal speed. Sometimes the one that drives carefully and conscientiously is the one that is hurt the most

To minimize the number of accidents, a company called ETI (Evolution in Traffic Innovation) designed “Rolling Barrier System”. Korean company developed a product to reduce the harsh impacts of guardrails, and hopefully save lives.

The rolling barriers do more than absorb impact energy. They convert that impact energy into rotational energy to propel the vehicle forward rather than potentially breaking through an immovable barrier.

These rolling barriers are smart and safe way to lower the risk when the bad accidents are happening. Watch the video and see more!

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