A Scared Child enters The Courtroom to Testify. Now Watch what These Bikers Do.

A group of bikers is making it their mission to come to the rescue of kids who need help badly. Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) help children who have been sexually and physically abused by making the children feel safe.
The group of volunteers provide 24/7 support for the child, which means the kid can call them day or night. They will also escort them to court, to school and to therapy. The bikers welcome the children into their family, so that the child knows they never have to feel alone and afraid.
But what strikes me most is the fact they’ll even attend courtroom cases in which child victims must testify against their abusers. Looking out into the seats and seeing them filled with their strong and powerful leather-clad friends can make a frightened and intimidated child feel much more secure.

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