They Met for the First Time at Just 3-Months-Old. Wait Til You See Them 18 Years Later…

The arrival of the month of May means for students two big events need to be planned: prom and graduation. Prom is especially important: It’s a time to enjoy the night away with all of your friends, and even your significant other! If you remember your prom, your date is perhaps one of the details of the night you remember the most fondly.
Eli Kerr met Megan Schiedler met at just three-months-old, and they grew up together. They have a very special friendship — and relationship — that has evolved over the years, despite some obstacles. They both have Down Syndrome, but they love one another deeply. Now, as a high school senior, Eli wanted to ask Megan to the prom, and he knew exactly how. With the help of the school choir, he serenaded his girlfriend with a rendition of his favorite song, “My Girl!”

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