Father Dies before Meeting his Son, so Mom Creates this to Introduce Them

A pregnant woman, Stephanie Summers, was robbed of her dream future because her boyfriend died in a tragic accident when she was five months pregnant.
The summer before the shocking accident, Stephanie and Taurean had commissioned photographer Laura Gordillo to take their wedding anniversary photos.
The shoot was incredibly special because the couple didn’t have a professional photographer at their wedding. After Taurean passed away, Stephanie contacted Gordillo for a different kind of photoshoot.
Taurean never met his son, Taurean Jr. Stephanie wanted to find away to allow them to meet.
Gordillo, Stephanie, and her son travelled to the exact same locations as the anniversary photoshoot. Then Gordillo did something special with the photos. Using her editing software, she juxtaposed the image of Taurean onto the photos with his family.
The results are stunning. Stephanie was in tears.

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