A Homeless Man Was Seen Leaving a Plate of Food Outside. Wait Until You See Who Eats It

A wise man once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” While it sounds great in theory, it’s quite difficult in practice. To create change requires an inordinate amount of courage, perseverance, and determination. It will require you to make sacrifices and challenge the status quo. But for a man named Kamala, he’s up for the challenge.
Kamala is an elderly man who has lived a little over half his life without a home or source of income. But that doesn’t stop him from leaving a lasting impact on the world. What makes Kamala so amazing is the fact that he’s a hero when it comes to caring and helping the neighborhood’s stray dogs. Though Kamala doesn’t have any money nor are people willing to give him the time of day, he dedicates himself to helping these animals survive by scavenging for food on their behalf. He often feeds them before he even feeds himself! He collects plastic bottles from train stations and then uses the money he gets from recycling them to feed seven of the town’s stray dogs. Incredible, right?

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