Dozens of Strangers form a Human Chain to Save Drowning Children

A regular day at the beach in Florida turned into an incredible miracle when dozens of strangers came together to rescue a family of nine trapped in a dangerous riptide.
Roberta Ursrey and her family were having the time of their life when she noticed that her sons were missing. She couldn’t find them, and didn’t know where they had gone. She was worried, but not too much.
After looking for them for quite some time, she began to worry even more, and that’s when she heard the screaming.
The boys were trapped by the current, and couldn’t escape.
There was no lifeguard on duty, so they knew they needed to do something to help.
Jessica and her husband gathered other beachgoers and began to form a human chain. Soon, 80 strangers linked arms to reach the drowning family. They grabbed the children first and passed them back, one by one, to the beach.
It is amazing how everyone just dropped everything and began to help, risking their own lives as well. They are ALL heroes in my book!

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