Terminally ill Man with Weeks to Live Marries his Dream Girl Before It’s Too Late

When a couple falls in love and decides to take that next step down the aisle, it usually takes months of planning to make sure every detail is just right for their big day.
Unfortunately, that’s not something newlyweds Chris and Nicole Ford had the time to consider while preparing their vows. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Chris just couldn’t wait around for their original October date.
Since his doctors gave him only a few weeks left, the couple, who also have a young son together, decided to focus on what’s really important in the days that remained rather than wallow in sadness.
Thanks to their Nashville, TN, community helping make all the arrangements and donating every necessity, the longtime pair was finally able to enjoy a beautiful day expressing just how much they care for one another.
Even though Chris is unable to speak in his condition, he was still able to share his heartwarming vows thanks to his dad reciting them at the altar for him. Though the whole event was definitely tinged with a bittersweet tone, one look at the bright expression on Chris’ face proves that it was all worth it.
Take a look to see more of their amazing day.

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