Tiny Girl Sings ‘Let It Go’ for The Judges and her Voice Knocks them off their Feet

On American Idol, judges and viewers have seen contestants both good and bad, and have heard all kinds of voices on stage. There is no shortage of entertainment when it comes to hearing people belt out our favorite tunes!
But one short, 30-second audition is making everyone squeal. One tiny contestant took the floor, and managed to blow the judges away with her adorable voice!
In all fairness, she is but a toddler and doesn’t quite have the range expected of a seasoned singer. But when you hear her shyly belt out the popular Frozen song “Let It Go,” you won’t be able to resist her.
Accompanied by an adult, she stands before Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. and opens her mouth to sing. Her high-pitched voice and adorable face are enough to pull you in! Jennifer Lopez is so entranced by the little one that she mouths that she needs to stop because she’s almost in tears!
The male judges seem to be just as captivated by the little girl, and can’t resist her charm!
At the end of the audition, all three burst into a round of applause, all in agreement about how good she is.
She definitely has a bright future in singing!

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