Homeless Veteran gives Woman with Car Trouble his only $20 and She Comes Back with $200,000

This past October, McClure was heading to Philadelphia to visit a friend when she ran out of gas on busy Interstate 95. McClure panicked and pulled over, wondering what to do.
That’s when McClure met Johnny, a homeless man who’d witnessed her car struggles. Johnny told McClure to head back to her car, and lock the doors because it wasn’t safe to be out. Several minutes later, he returned with a gas can to fill up McClure’s car. He’d spent his last $20 to help McClure out of a jam.
At the time, Kate was so grateful, but she didn’t have any money. Kate promised she would come back to repay him. She returned to the area several times after to bring Johnny clothes, food, and money.
Still, the 27-year-old woman wanted to do more. She decided to start a fundraiser for Johnny.
On Thanksgiving day, the fundraiser accrued $110,000 in donations — far beyond the goal of $10,000 Kate had set. Today, just the very next day, Kate has raised over $200,000 for Johnny.
One small acted of kindness turned into one woman’s acted of kindness which turned into hundreds of donations to pay it forward.
Kate and Johnny plan on using the money to get him housing, transportation, and to pay off his debts.

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