Biker Gang Stops by The Side of The Road. What They Find Leaves Me in Tears

These may not be the people you’d imagine crawling through weeds, looking for a stranger’s wedding ring, but they did a tremendous kindness for Rhonda Thill. Rhonda’s husband of 18 years, Randy Thill, was killed last month in a motorcycle crash.
In the days following his passing, she realized Randy’s wedding ring was missing when she received his belongings. She knew he was wearing it, and believed it may have come off at the accident scene. She desperately wanted it back and she told a close friend, an avid biker. That friend told another biker and that biker told another and soon a group of people she didn’t know made it their mission to find her ring.
The men combed through the brush and high grass and succeeded in finding it, and brought it straight to Rhonda.

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