18-Year-Old Blind Dog Clung into The Arms of The First Person who Approaches her at The Shelter

Old, blind and lost at a kill shelter, Muneca didn’t seem like she had much left to hold on to.
Until the first person to show her kindness came along.
Muñeca the dachshund lost just about everything that a dog could have: a comfortable home, a loving family, and even her eyesight. After being abandoned at an animal shelter, all she wanted was to feel some sort of connection with a human again.
She made those feelings quite clear once she met shelter volunteer Elaine! Muñeca was ecstatic, and despite being so old and blind, she jumped right into Elaine’s arms!
Suddenly, a dog who seemed to have no one had people all over the world lining up to take her home. She found the perfect fit with Amy Gann. Literally.
It turned out Muneca had a lot more memories to make outside of that shelter. Even before she found her real home.

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