Her Brother had a Problem with Airport Security, so she Fires with Comeback that has Everyone In Laughter

When you have a child in your family that just wouldn’t stop talking it’s too easy to miss some real gems of wisdom, so this mom did something different, she filmed her adorable daughter and her opinions on airport security and uploaded it online. It goes without saying that Mila became an internet sensation.
Two-year-old Mila Stauffer and her family left their home in Arizona and set out for Michigan, she had no idea that things could get so complicated once they entered the airport! The family of seven rarely gets to do anything without drawing attention to themselves and going through the airport was no different.
Maneuvering five children through the baggage check was one hurdle they were able to overcome. But when it was time for the security checkpoint, little Mila wasn’t having it…
The moment the Stauffers returned home, Mila needed to vent about their TSA experience.
Firstly, the talkative toddler is simply ADORABLE, but it’s when you hear her talk when she totally steals your heart. Smart, honest and a little bit of a diva, I can see why thousands of people can’t stop watching her.

Ellen DeGeneres, if you’re watching this, she gotta come on your show.

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