Genious Dad Turns his Adorable Baby into Real-Life “Elf On The Shelf”

Alan Lawrence is a father of six and perhaps the best dad ever. He’s well known for documenting the wonderful life he lives and the experience he’s had raising a son with down syndrome, but this time around he’s warming hearts with an adorable Elf-On-The-Shelf revamp starring his youngest son, Rockwell.
While dad might have had the idea, the project was a team effort. Baby Rockwell is obviously the star, while mom made his costume and dad poses and holds his son in place and edits himself out for the final images.
He’s put out a lot of photos so far, generally with his little elf being more naughty than nice. He’s wrapped the tree in toilet paper, the toilet in wrapping paper, chugged syrup straight from the bottle and more.
Dad has had lots of practice for this project, too. He’s an art director by profession and he’s also tackled a father-and-son photo project before. He’s previously Photoshopped his son Will, who has Down syndrome, to look like he’s flying to help raise awareness of the genetic condition.
Share this adorable Elf on the Shelf with your family for the holiday season!

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