This Dad Raises 3 Daughters Alone, but Wait til You See where They Live… WOW.

Arnold Hernandez is a single dad who knows firsthand the challenges of raising children alone — especially on little to no means. Finding full-time work has been difficult after his messy divorce, but he is the epitome of a dedicated father who works hard every day to show his children how much he cares.
In the following video, Arnold allows cameras into his home, giving viewers a sobering look at how many families in America live. Many people may be quick to write them off, and even quicker to judge, but it’s impossible to watch this video without being touched.
“I have to be the mom and dad, or I have to be the psychologist. The nurse, the doctor, all in one person.”
Arnold may not have much financial means, but this single dad proves you can be rich in spirit.

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