A Diver Sees a Giant Whale Shark in Terrible Pain, and Realizes he has to Act Fast

A meeting with a whale shark, the biggest species of fish in existence according to the Nature Conservancy, is impressive enough, but this was much more than that.
As the whale shark approached one of the lone divers, he expected the giant to just glide past as they normally do, but instead, the beautiful creature gently tugged on his hand.
The diver was at first understandably confused and the dive team equally concerned for the welfare of one of their team!
They noticed a huge commercial fishing rope wrapped around the animal, cutting into its fins. The rescue took less than a minute, but judging by the state of both the rope and the animal’s skin underneath, it is possible the rope had been there for a very long time – years.
Just listen to the sound the gentle giant makes in thanks as swims off, finally free of its shackles.

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