Dude Points to some Dangerous things about The Meat, then Exposes The SHOCKING Truth…

The meat industry may be hiding another secret, and it’s not easy to spot. It’s called the “Meat Glue Secret” and it’s pretty darn scary.
The following video to show us what we could unknowingly be putting into our bodies, and our kids’ bodies. By cooking a ribeye steak using the meat glue technique, Greg exposes how dining halls and restaurants across the country are able to fabricate filet mignon using scraps of meat without disclosing this to the consumer. Businesses can then pass off inexpensive, poor quality scraps as pricey cuts of meat.
Transglutaminase, a.k.a meat glue, is a white powder sold by the kilo. It makes pieces and scraps of beef, lamb, chicken or fish that would normally be thrown out stick together so that the finished product looks like a solid piece of meat — a “Frankensteak.”

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