Uncovered Rare Footage from Elvis 1967 Wedding. Look Closely, This is Incredible!

Many people thought Elvis Presley may never settle down, but when he finally fell for Priscilla Ann Beaulieu and proposed to her in December of 1966, it was clear The King 0f Rock and Roll had found his one, true queen.
When you see clips like this one of women freaking out over Elvis during his performances, it’s clear that there will never be another singer with Elvis’ star power.
the whole world was watching. Elvis and Priscilla were married at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas by Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The King would often wear crazy costumes on stage, but for his own wedding, he opted for a classic black tuxedo, in which he looked as handsome as ever. And the couple’s first dance? Of course they had to pick one of Elvis’ biggest hits, “Love Me Tender.”
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