Grandson Serenades his Bedridden Grandma for 98 Birthday. Song Choice is moving Internet to Tears

On this grandma’s 98th birthday, she had an unexpected visit from an unexpected visitor. It was a moment she’ll certainly never forget…
This woman’s grandson wanted to ensure that her day was full of love and family, so he planned an extra special birthday surprise. A meaningful birthday visit that was caught on camera and is now touching the hearts of viewers all over the Internet!
Although this woman lays quietly and doesn’t speak a word, she is clearly touched as her fragile hands immediately begin searching for a tissue. She gently dries her eyes as the emotion-filled moment brings her to tears.
As you watch, your heart will fill with love and your eyes will fill with tears as you think of the people in your own life who have made your journey so special. It is truly a blessed moment for the grandmother.

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