Hilarious DIY Fixes That Are Either Stupid Or Completely Genius

There are some things you should always try to fix yourself: hairy bikini line or your creepy smile that freaks everyone out. But when it comes to home or car repairs, you better know what you’re doing. Here’s the list of people who should never be allowed to fix anything again.

1. The construction worker who thought duct tape was the best earthquake insurance

2. The expert fireman

3. The guy behind ShowerHeadPro4000 Turbo Injection


 3. The guy who thought this was safe


4. The guy who thought a door is a door

car door

5. A geek who needed a better fan


6. The guy who found a new use for his old CDs

gas cover

7. The kid who thought nobody would notice he broke the plate

broken plate

 8. The guy with the budget Apple computer

budget apple

9. There, the door opens now


10. The guy who is too poor to buy a new wall clock


11. No mixer tap? No problem!

mixer tap

12. The guy behind this pathetic swing set

swing set

13. The guy who thought a rubber hose was just as good as a rubber tire

hose tire

14. The guy with a broken wiper motor

wiper motor

15. The guy who forgot that landing gear belongs on a plane

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