Frantic Man Pulls Off to save Tiny Rabbit caught in Brush during Raging Wildfire

As more and more people are evacuating their homes in Southern California, they have to choose what to take and what to leave behind. Well, one man driving through the wildfire, spotted something he just couldn’t bear to leave to fight off the flames on its own.
So, he pulled over and ran right toward the wildfire.
In the video below, posted on December 7, 2017, the man scurries over to the side of the road. He runs over and starts freaking out over the destruction, and soon, he gets down on all fours.
He crawls closer to the brush, as the orange flames grow stronger and higher.
The panicking man reaches forward and snatches a helpless rabbit. He stands up and holds the small creature in his arms, letting her know that he’s got her and she’s going to be OK.
In the end, this brave man had no idea he was being filmed by a stranger, but his heroic actions speak loudly.

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