Mom of 6 Boys Says She is Pregnant with a Girl, but Ellen’s Giant Cake hides a Second Reveal

Cher was absolutely ecstatic to discover she was finally having a little girl. The family from Apex, North Carolina, recorded their gender reveal to share their long-awaited blessing with the world, and it went viral.
The clip made it all the way to Ellen, who invited the pregnant couple onto her show. The beloved host had never heard of a gender reveal cake before, so Cher explained the trendy tradition in which the color of the frosting reveals either blue or pink in front of friends and family.
Cher and Stephen admitted they had a ton of baby supplies, but of course, everything they owned was meant for boys.
But in one small bin, hidden behind the stack of bins containing the boys’ old clothes and toys, Cher kept a secret collection. You see, each time she got pregnant she’d buy one item for a little girl in the hopes she’d have one.
In the video below, Ellen decides to pull off a gender reveal of her own… and wait until you see what’s inside the massive chocolate cake. It’s exactly what Cher needed.

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