One Simple Lie was Enough to Kidnap this Little Girl. This is a Warning and Everyone Needs to See

In order to keep your kids safe, it’s important to have a conversation with them about the potential dangers that they need to watch out for. No need for anything crazy (you don’t want to completely terrify them), just have an honest conversation with them. For instance, let them know that you would never, ever send a stranger to get them. The video below shows several important safety tips that you should go over with your kids.
The creators of this video, Pretty Loaded, are a personal safety training company founded by Beth Warford, a former nurse who decided to get into personal safety after her own close encounter with a stalker. She realized that most attacks are over in seconds, while help is usually several minutes away. After seeing that most other defense companies weren’t focused on situational awareness training, she made that the focus of Pretty Loaded, helping clients learn how to quickly recognize the signs of a potentially dangerous situation early enough to avoid getting into it.

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