Rescued Mother Cow who Cried All Night for her Baby is Happily Reunited With Him!

Karma the cow was rescued from a cruelty case where she had no food, water, or shelter, and enormous stress. She was take to The Gentle Barn’s sanctuary but during her first night she cried and cried. At first they thought she was nervous being in a new surrounding or maybe missed the other animals. But she didn’t stop crying. Her rescuers did not know what was wrong until they noticed milk dripping from her udders. She had just had a baby. Her rescuers weren’t going to let that stand and immediately went to get her baby from where they had rescued Karma.
Finally, the rescue team arrived with Karma’s baby. Karma immediately began mooing anxiously when she saw the trailer pull up. Soon mother and son were reunited. The calf looked both relieved and exhausted and collapses when he sees his mom. But soon he’s drinking his mother’s milk. The two will never separated again!

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