This Rude Customer Mocks Special Needs Bag Boy. Now, Listento The Woman Behind Her!

Imagine being in line at a grocery store where the person bagging your items has special needs. Now imagine the customer in front of you begins to ridicule that employee. What do you think your reaction would be? Would you stand up for the employee or would you ignore the confrontation altogether?
In this fascinating clip, What Would You? sets out to put strangers sense of duty and kindness to the test in the form of a powerful social experiment. An actor with Down syndrome is bagging customers items when he falls victim to verbal abuse. Other actors pose as impatient customers who ridicule him for not bagging fast enough. They even go so far as to use the heinous “R” word.
“They shouldn’t hire these people,” one actor says to an actual customer. “They waste everyone’s time.”
The other customers in line watch the unsettling scene unfold in front of their eyes, but they have no idea their reactions are caught on hidden camera. Ultimately, this video teaches an important lesson in compassion.

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