Single Dad Started a Class to Teach Fathers how to Style their Daughters Hair

Philippe Morgese became a single dad when his daughter, Emma, was just a year old. Emma had a head full of hair, and he realized he would need to learn how to style it.
He started out easy, with hair clips, but as Emma grew, he graduated to pigtails. Then he moved on to more complicated hairstyles, and soon taught himself to be a pro.
Morgese has been earning praise from the Internet for encouraging dads to take an active role in their daughters’ lives — even if it takes lots of practice and a few knots along the way.
He is helping hair-styling-challenged dads by hosting workshops on creating ponytails, braids and buns, so their poor daughters can stop suffering from chronic bedhead.
Just love what this Dad is doing! So very important… time with a parent.

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