Waiter Denies Man Service when Customer Refuses to Sit near Special-Needs Child

A waiter at a restaurant near downtown Houston took a stand for a special needs child. Now support is flowing in from all over, thanking the waiter and the restaurant, Laurenzo’s on Washington.
Michael Garcia, a server, noticed that the man had moved his family further away from Milo, because the boy is special needs.
Garcia didn’t think it was a big deal until he heard how the man felt loud and clear. It was unthinkable.
“I didn’t think much of it until I heard him say, ‘Special-needs children need to be special somewhere else,’” he said. Garcia was overcome with emotion. “It was very disturbing. My personal feelings just took over and I told this man, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t serve you.’”
The family couldn’t believe Garcia was refusing to serve them and quickly left. Kim couldn’t believe Garcia had stood up for her.
Garcia was praised by customers and managers alike. The customer isn’t always right, especially when they bring their prejudices with them.
“It upset me because he’s a 5-year-old little boy. He’s an angel. He’s precious!” Garcia said.

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