8 Bridesmaids Storm The Floor for Irish Step Dance. But Watch Who Decides to Join Them!

You know that every wedding ceremony has its own little quirks. Whether it be some funny family members or friends, or just a really wacky ceremony, each and every couple finds a way to make their wedding memorable to their guests.
For their wedding, James and Roisin used a traditional dance to entertain their guests, but gave it a nice twist that made it one of a kind.
First, Roisin’s bridesmaids don neon green dresses and come out to do a traditional Irish step dance for the wedding guests. While that is breathtaking in its own right, all the guests are really stunned when the music changes and the bride herself comes out in a neon green dress and shows off her own spectacular step-dancing skills!
Just when they think they’ve seen it all, though, the guests are in for another shock. Everyone present already knew that Roisin was a dancer, but nobody expected to see James, the groom, come up and blow everyone away with his fantastic footwork. It’s no wonder the couple got a standing ovation from the crowd at the end of their performance.

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