This Bear was Held in Cage for Over 30 years. Watch her Reaction when she is Finally Free

A bear cub named Fifi was held captive against her will and used as a show to draw revenue for her masters. Fifi was forced to perform tricks against her will, and she was not treated, cared for, or nourished properly.
After twenty years of this, the roadside zoo shut down. Rather than release Fifi, they did something horrible. They locked her inside a cage where she spent the next ten years of her life waiting and hoping for a savior.
When PETA found Fifi, she was unhealthy and malnourished. She was a severely underweight bear who hardly resembled a living creature. Moreover, Fifi had arthritis which was never treated. PETA immediately transported her to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where she received all the necessary treatment.
Now, Fifi has a new shot at a normal life. Be sure to watch the video to see what Fifi looks like today. She’s gorgeous!

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