Heartbroken Mom has No Clue that her Soldier Son is Standing Behind Her

The last time U.S. Marine Corps Pfc. Steven Richmond had seen his family was Christmas. The next time he was scheduled to return home, he knew he wanted to throw in a special surprise for his unsuspecting mom, Theresa.
In August 2016, Richmond fibbed and told Theresa his flight home was delayed. Theresa was extremely disappointed, but she and rest of the family stilled planned on attending the Samoa Dragstrip races in Eureka, California.
Richmond’s step-father was announcing the races, and Theresa wanted to go out and support him.
Richmond’s sister and grandparents convinced two local news reporters to interview and film Theresa at the races. Meanwhile, her soldier son snuck up right behind her.
Richmond stood there right behind Mom, smirking for a whole minute, until she finally turned around.

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