Blind Parents Become Emotional when they Feel Doctor put Tiny Doll in their Hands

The couple from Brazil are expecting their first child together, and both parents happen to be legally blind. They knew they wouldn’t be able to see their unborn child in the ultrasound.
They also feared they wouldn’t form that special bond most parents get to experience when they see their little one in a sonogram for the first time.
GE Healthcare in Rio de Janeiro offered the parents an opportunity to have their ultrasound printed in 3D. The special opportunity meant that the parents would be able to feel their baby’s image, and thus, see him.
The doctor put the tiny doll, an exact replica of their unborn son’s sonogram, into the palm of the parents’ hands. It was a stunning gift.

“With the 3D printing, I didn’t have to rely on someone’s description. I could have something that was real and I could see in the way I am familiar with,” Anna said.

The service has been provided free of charge to blind pregnant women by Dr. Heron Werner, who started providing the free service in 2012.
The doctor provided the models for Alvaro and Ana for each trimester. The couple’s son, Davi Lucas Zermiani, is now 3 years old. They often show him the ultrasound of himself, which he loves to play with.
What an awesome story, isnt it?

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