Girl Leans Over Well and Starts to Sing this Famous Song. And then… Magic Happens!

We at Damn Bored realy like to see the people who have real talent — without using Auto-Tune or having a symphony in the background.
This 17-year-old, Tiffany Ruan, who you’re about to hear below, is one of those people in the world that has that real talent too. Instead of being found in a TV competition, she is now being found all over the internet after singing over a well in Italy.
As she leans over the well and we see the rustic caged waters below, she starts to sing “Hallelujah,” which is already a very angelic and captivating song on its own. When paired with this girl’s voice and the echo that this well creates, it becomes a heavenly sound.
She should be world famous by age 20, if you ask me. Do you agree?

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