Amazing Couple who Adopts Dying Neighbour’s 3 Kids Gets a HUGE Surprise

If you are in need of a good cry today then, by all means, keep reading because this story is seriously sad and heartwarming. It’s a story of pain, death, and devastation… but it is also a story of hope and happiness.
It all started when Audrey, a mother of 3, went to the hospital to have some tests done. She asked her neighbor Tisha — a mother of five and a Las Vegas bingo cashier — if her three kids could spend the night at her house.
Tisha and her husband agreed to take the kids for the night, even though their home was cramped enough as it was.
Audrey’s test results came back. She was diagnosed with stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.
Knowing her time was running out, Audrey was desperate to make sure her kids would be taken care of. Though they weren’t even close friends, she took a chance and asked Tisha to be the legal guardian of her children.
Again, and incredibly, Tisha and Kevin agreed. The parents of five opened their hearts and home to raise Audrey’s kids… and help them cope with their mother’s imminent passing.
It wasn’t long after that Audrey passed away.
Tisha and her husband Kevin, adopted 3 kids… making it a household of 10 (Tisha, her husband, their 5 kids and Audrey’s 3 kids). A friend of the family nominated them for a “Surprise” from their local News team.
What a great initiative for a well deserving family. My heart hurts for those kids, but it’s nice to know they have a family looking after them.

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