Cute Baby Kangaroo Hates Baths, but Watch her Face when its Time to Dry Off…

Brolga has spent years living side by side with his favorite creatures and even opened his own sanctuary in central Australia for orphaned baby kangaroos. Now expanded into a larger facility known as the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Brolga has become the surrogate mother to countless tiny joeys, helping each one find a second chance at a happy life.
In a recent episode, Brolga introduces us to a sweet tyke who is unfortunately suffering from a frustrating skin condition. In order to treat her, he has to give her a good scrub in the bath tub. Similarly to many young human kiddos, she isn’t too fond of the soap and water and squirms around in his hands as Brolga lathers her up. Watching her tiny little feet attempt to bat him away put the biggest smile on my face!
Once she’s squeaky clean, it’s time to dry her off with the help of a handy blow dryer. Take a look below to see how the rest of her check-up goes.
Caring for a wild animal, whether it’s small or large, is never something a person should undertake without the proper training.

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