Firefighters Rush into Burning Apartment and Find Dog Lying on Top of Owner

Neighbours praised the dog as a hero after he was found lying on top of his owner inside the house in Philadelphia and alerted neighbours to the blaze with his barks.
Che was a good dog. He didn’t bark at random things and he kept to himself most of the time.
He and his owner Andrea Bulat were inseparable. The neighbors confirmed that the two were always together, and they never had any problems with the dog.
But one night when everyone was asleep, he woke up and knew something was off. So he started to bark.
His barking woke up the neighbors, who quickly noticed the billowing smoke. They called 911 and firefighters quickly showed up on the scene.
Apparently, the home’s smoke detectors weren’t working, and if Che hadn’t spoken up, his owner certainly would have perished. The neighbors might have been in danger, too, because the houses were so close together.
When Che’s owner fell unconscious during a fire, the dog didn’t need any instruction on what to do.
When firefighters broke in and found the dog, both he and his owner were unconscious. Che was lying on top of his owner, covering her.
The fact that he protected his owner and kept her low to the ground, as far from the smoke as possible, is nothing short of miraculous. God was definitely watching out for both of them, and Che might just be a canine guardian angel!

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