They Notices Barefoot Girl Alone on Highway – Horrified by what Happened!

An amazing five-year-old girl from British Columbia, Canada is being lauded as a hero after she did something truly remarkable. This brave little girl was able to climb out of the car she was traveling in and flag down some help – after her mother had driven it down an embankment.
Angela Shymanski was driving along the highway with her two children, Lexi and Peter, and she ended up nodding off to sleep. The SUV she was driving veered off the road and down an embankment, where it crashed into a tree. Little Lexi woke up to the sound of her baby brother crying, but what she did next was downright extraordinary.
She managed to unbuckle her own car seat and climb 40 feet up the treacherous embankment — and she was barefoot.
Once she was on the side of the highway, she started flagging down drivers.
After two kind strangers stopped for the little girl, paramedics arrived on the scene and airlifted all three of them to a hospital. It’s an absolute miracle that all three of them survived the crash, and that the young girl had the wherewithal to make her way back up to the highway.
In the aftermath of the accident, Angela underwent surgery to repair internal bleeding and was afterwards confined to a wheelchair until she gradually learned to walk again with the help of a cane.
Lexi has since been awarded a bronze medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Society, and fittingly, she is the youngest person to ever receive it.

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