Awesome Dad Builds Cool Halloween Costumes for Kids in Wheelchairs

Halloween is a magical time when kids can dress up and be whoever they want. But dressing up for the spooky holiday isn’t easy when you’re bound to a wheelchair, so Ryan Weimer, an awesome dad of five from Oregon, decided to do something about it.
As three of his children have Spinal Muscular Atrophy and use a wheelchair, he decided to incorporate their chairs into their costumes and the results are amazing! So many people loved them that he decided to start a nonprofit, Magic Wheelchair, to help other kids get costumes like his kids.
It takes between 100 to 200 hours for his teams to build each creation. This year, 8 kids will be getting the Halloween costumes of their dreams.
We love how Ryan transforms and elevates the wheelchair into a work of functional art!
Ryan and his family also enlist the help of talented volunteers, including students at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The hope behind creating these costumes (along with getting lots of cool dad points for his own kids) is to raise awareness about muscular dystrophy and to help expand the reach of The Magic Wheelchair to any kid who wants a wheelchair costume. The Magic Wheelchair’s mission is “to put a smile on the face of every child in a wheelchair by transforming their wheelchairs into awesomeness created by our hands and their imaginations,” but we’re certain they will be putting smiles on the faces of everyone who sees these amazing costumes as well.

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