Then Cops Start Dancing on a Roof and The Camera Starts Moving? AWESOME!

Jason Derulo inspired people all over the world to wiggle without a car. Although 2016 has seen the rise of several different dance trends, none has seemed to blow up quite as quickly as the “Running Man Challenge.”
Performed to the tune of Ghost Town DJ’s 1996 hit, “My Boo,” people all over the world have been participating in the challenge, and the videos just keep getting better and better.
Recently, the Los Angeles Police Department has decided to join in on the fun.
We just love watching these guys take a break from fighting crime and having a bit of well-deserved fun instead!
Not only did they successfully show off their dance moves, but they even got some of the local kids involved in the good time. This just goes to show that music and dance have the power to bring everyone together, and there’s nothing better than jamming out to a good song.

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