Man Tightens his Belt Around a Door Hinge, But The Reason Could Save Your Life

If terror strikes during a work day, Inside Edition is here with five tips that can help you escape safely. In the following video, safety expert Bill Stanton shows you ways to reduce the risk if the unthinkable happens.
First, Bill says to look for an exit and leave the building. If this isn’t possible, then find a place to hide — but don’t stop there. Barricade yourself with whatever items you can, including chairs and tables. If you have nothing with which to barricade the door, you can also use a belt. I never knew this was an option, but Bill demonstrates how to simply tighten the belt around the door hinge. “They’re not gonna get through, because it’s not gonna open,” Bill says.
By putting a flame under the fire detector, you can also trip the fire alarms to bring attention to the building. Use whatever you can as a weapon, like scissors or a fire extinguisher.

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