Marine Veteran thinks He Knows The Surprise, but then He Sees The Puppy and Loses It

After serving with the U.S. Marine Corps Peter Coukoulis return to civilian life, but began struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
The heroic 26-year-old veteran found it difficult to reconnect with normal, everyday life.
After watching her son battle PTSD, Coukoulis’s mother Dena came up with a brilliant plan. She secretly bought a tiny beagle pup for her son, knowing the dog would help her son’s treatment by serving as his loyal service animal.
A few weeks before Christmas 2016, the Marine’s family gathered around him at the kitchen table and handed him a wrapped box with a big red bow. He gave the box a knowing look, almost as if he knew what was waiting for him inside. But the second he peeked inside and saw those two adorable eyes staring back at him, he completely broke down.
In that moment, he knew his life was about to change for the better.

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