Pregnant Woman Stares into her Dream Home, but has No Clue that Husband is Holding The Keys

Al and Lisa Marie were expecting a baby girl, but there was just one thing they still needed to do before her arrival. That was to find a new home that offered more room for their growing family.
In the midst of their pregnancy, Al and Lisa Marie had begun the grueling house-hunting process in Sanford, Florida. Along the way, there was one home in particular that Lisa Marie instantly loved the most.
The couple decided to return back to the house for a second look. Al brought his camera along to document the biggest surprise a man could give his wife.
Lisa Marie longingly peeks inside the house through the glass doors, but what she doesn’t know is Al had already bought it.
Al holds out the keys and reveals the truth. Lisa Marie’s stunned reaction is so honest, heartfelt and priceless. She’s in utter disbelief, and can’t stop gushing about their new home. “I knew it the second we came back here,” she says with tears in her eyes.

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