Returning Soldier Shocks Parents At Ice Hockey Game!

After years of rooting for the Arizona Coyotes, it seemed only natural that Eitan and Ronit Urman were chosen for the ceremonial puck drop before the team’s last game of the season. The couple are lifelong fans of the NHL team and have held season tickets to their home games for years.
The Coyotes devotees were all set to drop the puck and watch their beloved team win. However, as the puck drop began, something important was missing: the puck. That’s when the stadium announcer instructed the husband and wife to turn around for the special arrival of the puck.
The Urmans suddenly found the puck being hand-delivered by their son, U.S. Army Sergeant Dan Urman. Dan just returned from a tour in Afghanistan, and wanted to do something surprising for his parents. Their reaction to his arrival is simply the best. It even caused Dad to be knocked off his feet as he ran to hug his son.

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