Rock and Roll Couple Has not Cut Their Hair for 30 Years. Their Transformation Left Everyone Cheering

This couple is totally committed to the big hair era of the 80’s. It was 1985 when they fashioned, feathered, and mulleted their long locks, and unlike other 80’s youth who moved on to the short hair trend, these two stood their ground. For Wendy, her last hair trim was 1992, and Tim is a little bit more hardcore as he’s never cut his mullet since 85!
But now it’s finally time to transform. It’s totally shocking to see Wendy as her transformation is revealed. Tim is blown away and wants to marry her all over again. Now it’s Tim’s turn and what a trip to see the mullet disappear and the handsome gentlemen reappear. Check out these radical transformations as they are really fun to witness the massive changes that take place and the reactions each has to one another’s new look.

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