Confused Steve Harvey Holds up a Table. The Boys Response Leaves Everyone Stunned

Steve Harvey puts a 5 yo boy’s math skills to the ultimate test, and his answers beat the calculator. Any math problem can be thrown at young Luis, and his answers are spot on every single time. Whether it is multiplication, squaring numbers, or finding the square root, it is all a breeze to him. Finding answers to math problems is like a game.
Luis giggles at the idea of bigger numbers. When Steve Harvey draws out numbers that stretch from one end of the white board to the other, little Luis looks confidently at it to reveal what it is – starting in the quintillions! The audience rises to their feet in pure fascination and begin cheering.
His charming smile, quick thinking, and problem solving skills has a way of lighting up the room. Steve Harvey scoops him into his arms and lifts him high up for everyone to see and encourage him with applause.

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