This Woman says she Lives in Cave with her Husband. Watch When She Shows her Home, Stunning!

Cathy and her husband Randy purchased a unique piece of property in Arizona. The only problem? There was absolutely nowhere they could build a home on the land, as it was too vertical. One day, while Cathy was outside exploring, she heard a massive explosion down the road. It was no accident, it was her neighbor, a mining engineer. He was blowing out the inside of a rock to build a cave home.
Cathy quite liked the idea, so she and her husband followed suit. The couple feels very much at home, and Cathy thinks that might have something to do with our previous cave-dwelling ancestors. Their home looks anything but prehistoric.
The cave has remarkably high ceilings and three bedrooms. It’s 2,568 square feet and it contains a kitchen, dining room, living room, and loft bed. Their deck overlooks the entire mountain range. Stunningly, inside of their house there’s a spring that produces 20 gallons of delicious, clean water filtered through 80 feet of granite.

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