Man Builds a Tiny Blue House as Revenge because Neighbors were Using his Narrow Alley

Back in 1830, John Hollensbury built the tiny home to keep horse-drawn wagons and loiterers out of the narrow alley. Inside, you can still see the indentations where the wagon wheels would brush up against the walls.
If you’ve ever found yourself in Alexandria, Virginia, you may have seen a teeny tiny blue house wedged right in between a larger white and red one — but you would’ve had too look really closely.
The two-story house is only 25 feet deep and 7 feet wide. It’s so skinny, in fact, that Ripley’s Believe It or Not once named it the narrowest house in America.
It’s referred to as the “Spite House” of Alexandria — for a pretty interesting reason.
Jack and Colleen Sammis bought the house in 1990 and have used the tiny home as a pied-à-terre ever since.
The tiny house has so many amazing features, including a fully functioning kitchen, a tiny and adorable garden, and lots of extra storage space. And Jack and Colleen did a great job decorating, considering the amount of space they have.

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