Dude Filmed a Fantastic Commercial to Sell his Girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord

The world we live in right now, with all of its problems and concerns, is also an astounding one in many ways. One of those ways is producing car commercials that would have required a team of professionals just a couple of years ago is now in the hands of individuals. I know this because this guy made an incredibly professional-looking commercial to sell his girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord.
Starring his girlfriend, the ad opens with the narrator telling the viewer that “You’re different, you’re one of a kind…” The ad is a clever riff on the average car commercial that sells the viewer on an attitude. As the commercial says, “luxury is a state of mind”. There are also funny cuts of her driving with her cat and her coffee mug to keep an eye out for.
No doubt, the girlfriend will get multiple offers on her car. After all, at $499, it’s a bargain, right?

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